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# Hyperacusis - my medical journey

It took me 3 years to be diagnosed and accessing medical help was horrendous due lack of understanding of its real impacts. How long did it take to get a diagnosis and has there been very good follow up? What other impact has having Hyperacusis had on your life? 
I found explaining it difficult then I had the privilege to give a talk. I got different people in the audience to make different sounds when I indicated and read a statement. Then read the same statement without the add in noises. (A contrast could now be made) It was a lightbulb moment for all in the audience as they heard what my hearing is like all the time.  - message understood not everyone hears the same. My only regret is I didn't record the speech as it would be helpful on here now.
Current treatment is a masker that I wear for  6 hours a day. This has slightly made me less sensitive to some noises but am still adversely affected by the mobile phones ringtones which when you think about it are everywhere and any…

In work

This was the area of my life that I found -most challenging with the condition. It became impossible to have successful face-to-face interaction and using a phone became impossible. How has this impacted on your work?